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Best Bar Crawl in Brighton for your Stag Night or Hen Night

Best Bar Crawl in Brighton

Best Bar Crawl in Brighton for your Hen Night or Stag Night

A 2-hour bar crawl that is fantastic fun…
The perfect way to see 8 bars in Brighton, that you may miss, without this fantastic Pub Crawl in Brighton. We take you to 8 great pubs and bars in Brighton you will experience some of the best venues Brighton has to offer in a 2-hour bar crawl. Overall, fantastic fun and one of our most popular evening activities in Brighton. You will follow our simplified map to go from bar to bar to collect your drink. Overall, so simple but so much fun, you’ll be really glad you included this into your weekend. Surely, a stag weekend in Brighton or hen weekend in Brighton just wouldn’t be the same without this one. So, make sure you include this activity into your agenda.

Best enjoyed over a 2-3-hour period with good friends…
You will experience a range of drinks throughout the activity plus a special drink to finish the bar crawl. The activity is best enjoyed over a 2-3-hour period with good friends. A great way to explore Brighton’s nightlife in a simple and fun way, taking in everything Brighton has to offer. Overall, a Brighton pub crawl not to miss during your weekend. So, add a bar crawl in Brighton to your party weekend away.

We recommend you put in the effort and make it a fancy-dress pub crawl…
This £45 bar crawl is certainly money well spent and you are in for a fun and entertaining evening ahead. Work as a team to follow the route map and reach the next destination. It kicks off from 7:30 – 10:30 pm and you may join other groups participating too. We recommend you put in the effort and make it a fancy-dress pub crawl or a pub golf. What's more we will provide the score card if you wish to do a pub golf version with the rules. A stag do in Brighton or hen party in Brighton will certainly be ready to hit the club after this fantastic pub crawl around Brighton city centre. Surely, the best pub crawl in Brighton that’s for sure. So, make sure you include this one in your weekend itinerary.

Drink responsibly;
Drink what you want and what you can, we do not recommend you drink every drink and you should base it on your own judgement. The aim is to have fun and get tipsy not drunk. We recommend a glass of water between every 2 or 3 drinks and for you to spread the activity over 2-3 hours. So, make sure you include this one in your weekend's plans.

Few Things to Notice :

Opening & Closing Time : 7:30pm
Estimated Duration : 2-3 hours
Minimum/Maximum Numbers : 6 - 20+
Recommended Clothing : Dress to Impress
Age Restrictions : 18+
Other Restrictions : Pregnant women should notify us beforehand
Health & Safety : On Site
Weight Restrictions : N/A
Estimated Minibus / Taxi Driving from centre : 5 minutes ( Transport one way only, no return )
Time to arrive before activity start time : 15 minutes


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