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FAQ’s for your Stag or Hen Do


Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section for groups on their Stag and Hen Weekends. This section has been designed to answer the most common questions you may have when booking your hen night or stag night with us at Stag and Hen World

Paypal seems the most convenient way for our group to pay but why is there a fee?

Paypal enables us to send out an email requesting the deposit and full payment amounts to individuals within your group and they can pay via the link provided even if they are not a regular paypal user. Paypal charges a transaction fee per payment and these are not included in our prices. In order to keep our costs low we do not include these fees as we have alternative payment methods.

Why use paypal when I can just pay online on your website?

The main difference is that you will need to reach out to each group member as the organiser requesting them to go online and make their deposit payment. You may need to chase up late payers and you will have to do the same again at the 90-day payment stage and the final balance stage 28 days before arrival. With Paypal we do a lot of this work for you and set up paypal to send out notifications to your group members for payment saving you the hassle.

Why is the deposit non-refundable?

Once you agree to a booking with us, we begin confirming your date and time slots for your weekend and start pulling together the initial itinerary for your stag or hen weekend. The deposit covers this work and any work conducted prior to you making a booking and is therefore non-refundable.

What’s the best way to find activities and packages or a particular one?

If you already know which city you want to go to then you will be able to find the activities and packages for that city in the destinations section. If you want to see a broader selection, then go to the packages section on the homepage. These are also accessible from the Stag or Hen section of the website showing packages focused on Stags or Hens.

Is it true you give a free place to every Stag and Hen Group?

Unfortunately, that’s not true, however we do give a complimentary place for the Stag or Hen, should you have 12 or more people within your group. Now that’s something to shout about.

I noticed you have a competition section; how do you pick the photo and video winners?

Good question, well every month we get together and have a look through all the photos and videos from our customers. You can submit them by email or tag us into your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts. We narrow down the best photos and videos by simply picking the ones that we find the most entertaining, funny, clever or unique.

We pick the winning photo and videos from those submitted and give away a monthly prize for each, the winner also gets a place in our marvellous winner’s section in our customers photo and video gallery.

This competition runs from April to September.

We have a group of 24 can you cater?

Yes of course, although some restrictions may apply to some activities, but we will be on hand to help with this. We will even give the 12th and 24th person a free place. Were here to provide you with a great service, the more the merrier. We look forward to being of service to you.

What are some of the most cool and unique activities you have available?

We think some of our best activities are Caving in Cardiff, The giant inflatable water park in Belfast and Tank Paintballing in Birmingham. These are certainly activities worth planning your weekend around and a great reason to choose these locations.

I see you have minibus transport included as standard, why is this and can we take it off?

We highly recommend keeping the minibus transport element in your packages as it ensures you reach your activities in time, you don’t need to work out how to get to the activity venue and you don’t need to have a designated driver. We find that the group better enjoy their weekend experience when everyone in the group can relax and enjoy the full weekend without having to worry about being sober enough to responsibly drive or being responsible for getting the group to the activities in time. Many groups that drive to their destination chose to leave their cars in the hotel car park and use the minibus transport included for this reason.

However, if you wish take it off from your package, you will be responsible for ensuring your group reach the activities in time and safely.