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Booking Terms and Conditions 2023

In this document the following words shall have the following meanings:

1.1 “Consumer” shall have the meaning ascribed in section 12 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.

1.2 “Customer” means any person who purchases Goods and Services from the Supplier.

1.3 “Goods” means any fancy dress and other material products such as t-shirts specified in the Proposal.

1.4 “Proposal” means a statement of work, quotation or other similar document describing the Goods and Services to be provided by the Supplier.

1.5 “Services” means the work done to bring together the hotel, activity and minibus services into a package and deliver the weekend or provided individually as specified in the Proposal.

1.6 “Supplier” means STAG AND HEN WORLD LLP.

1.7 “Third-party Supplier” means any supplier used by the Supplier (Stag and Hen World) to assist in delivering its Services to the Customer.

1.8 “Terms and Conditions” means the terms and conditions of supply set out in this document and any additional special terms and conditions or amendments agreed in writing by the Supplier directly to the Customer.


2.1   These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all contracts for the supply of Goods and Services by the Supplier to the Customer and shall prevail over any other documentation or communication from the Customer.

2.2   Any variation to these Terms and Conditions shall be inapplicable unless agreed in writing by a Director of Stag and Hen World LLP.

2.3   Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall prejudice any condition or warranty, express or implied, or any legal remedy to which the Supplier may be entitled in relation to the Goods and Services, by virtue of any statute, law, or regulation.

2.4   Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall affect the Customer’s statutory rights as a Consumer.


3.1   The Proposal attached to these Terms and Conditions shall remain valid for a period of 14 days. Services may sell out during this period.

3.2   The Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the Proposal by placing an order with the Supplier (“the Order”) within the period specified in Clause 3.1. This is deemed to have completed once all deposits for agreed group members have been received.

3.3   All Orders for Goods and Services shall be deemed to be of acceptance of the Proposal pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.


4.1   The price for the Goods and Services is as specified in the Proposal and no VAT is added and it is inclusive of any applicable charges outlined in the Proposal, and our Services to you.

4.2   Payment of the group price shall be in the manner specified in the Proposal.

4.3   If the Customer fails to make any payment within 7 days of it becoming due, the Supplier shall be entitled to charge daily interest at an appropriate amount on the outstanding amounts which is deemed to be 1% per day late. Supplying the services at the discretion of the supplier.

4.4 Full payment is due 42 days prior to the first day of the customer’s event.

4.5  25% deposit is due no later than 7 days from the Order date unless the event is within 42 days of the order date, in which case the deposit and full payment must be paid in full at the same time within 7 days but no later than 7 days before the event unless expressly consented in writing by the Supplier.

4.6All listed website prices are subject to availability and change without notice, prices may change between date of viewing and date of a binding contract and these will be highlighted and notified to the customer, a bound contract is accepted as and when the first individual deposit payment is received by the Supplier.

4.7 Deposits are 25% of full payment and is required a minimum of 90 days before the event. Deposits are non-refundable and cover work supplied prior to an order being confirmed and services provided after an order is completed.

4.8 A second 25% payment should be paid within 12 weeks (84 days) from the event start date, any time after this date term 4.3 applies.

4.9 The final 50% payment is due 42 days (6 weeks) before the event start date, any time after 4.3 applies.

4.10 The prices listed in packages and activity sections are based on groups of 12 people and are subject to change if group sizes are smaller or larger.

4.11 Tailored group packages are based on your group numbers at the time of making a booking and the price per person is based on those numbers. Should your group number become higher or lower the price will likely change. A running price per person can be provided on amended numbers.

4.12 Many third party suppliers require minimum group numbers for the activity to take place this will be made clear upon making a booking, should your group numbers fall below this level you will be required to make up the difference in price for the lower group numbers. Alternatively you may consider amending the activity 42 days prior to the event. An alternative lower priced activity will not constitute a refund and a higher priced activity will require additional payment to cover the difference.

4.13 Final group numbers & rooming lists are required and finalised, 42 days (6 weeks) before the event date.

4.14 We reserve the right to amend pricing or cancel bookings, made via our build your own package system if we believe there has been an error with the pricing system, pricing, or any element of the booking within 28 days, even if the order has been completed by way of payment.

4.15 Surcharges may be applied if transportation costs, taxes, fees for services or exchange rates go up between the date of placing an order and the date of your weekend.  Increases in price below 2% will be absorbed by the supplier. If the increase is above 2% the first 2% will still be absorbed by the supplier, the remainder will required by the Customer. Any price increases shall be notified at least 42 days before the event date.



5.1   The date of delivery of good specified by the Supplier is an estimate only. Time for delivery shall not be of the essence of the contract and the Supplier shall not be liable for any loss, costs, damages, charges, or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any delay in the delivery of the Goods.

The delivery date of services will be adhered to unless changed by the Supplier before or on the event dates, the Customer will be made aware as soon as possible of any changes to the Services and the agreed schedule of events and will be offered an equal or higher value service if a replacement is required.

5.2   All risk in the Goods shall pass to the Customer upon delivery. Customer’s statutory rights as a Consumer shall remain.

5.3 A basic Itinerary will be provided within 14 days of the first individual deposit received; the final itinerary will be provided 7-14 days before the event date. We reserve the right to provide this later up to 24 hours before the event.



Title in the Goods shall not pass to the Customer until the Supplier has been paid in full for the Goods.


To enable the Supplier to perform its obligations the Customer shall:

7.1   co-operate with the Supplier;

7.2   provide the Supplier with any information reasonably required by the Supplier;

7.3   obtain all necessary permissions, licenses and consents which may be required before the commencement of the services, the cost of which shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

7.4   Comply with such other requirements as may be set out in the Proposal or otherwise agreed between the parties.

7.5 To provide honest and accurate information on the group members to the best of their ability when requested and to not withhold any vital information that may affect their ability to take part in any of the Services and to act in good faith throughout the order.


8.1   The Supplier warrants that the Goods will at the time of delivery correspond to the description given by the Supplier.

8.2   The Supplier shall perform the delivery of the Services with reasonable skill and care and to a reasonable standard in accordance with recognised standards and codes of practice.

8.3   The third-party supplier to Stag and Hen World accepts all responsibility for the condition of tools and equipment used in the performance of the Services and shall ensure that any materials supplied shall be free of defects and safe for our customers.

8.4   In addition to the Customer’s statutory rights, the Supplier guarantees all Goods against faulty workmanship and materials for a period of 7 days from the date of delivery.



9.1   Where the Goods are faulty or do not comply with the contract, the Customer must notify the Supplier within 7 days of delivery in writing and the Customer shall be entitled to replacement Goods or a full refund.

9.2   The Customer may cancel an Order of Services by notifying the Supplier in writing by email or at the address above, 42 days prior to the event commencement date. Any payment made will be refunded in full minus the deposits.

9.3 Deposits are non-refundable and are due within 7 days of acceptance of a proposal and 90 days prior to any event unless the event is within 90 days and the Supplier has agreed to an alternative deposit and full payment schedule.

9.4   If the Customer fails to cancel any part or all of the order by the time specified in Clause 9.2 and 9.6 any deposit and payments paid will not be refundable.

9.5 Any group members cancelling after the Order has been accepted will not be entitled to a refund. Deposits may not be used towards any other group members remaining payment due.

9.6   Amendments to the goods and services provided must be made by the Customer 42 days prior to the event date. No amendments can be made after this date by the Customer.

As the supplier we will endeavour not to make any amendments after this date, unless for whatever reason we cannot provide the specific activity, in which case an alternative of equal or higher price will be issued with agreement of the Customer. If it is a lower priced activity a refund will be issued.

9.7   A 25% refund will be given if the customer cancels a group member or the whole event prior to 42 days before an event. This is only when the customer has made a second payment of 25% after the deposit within this period.

9.8 Groups unsatisfied with the quality of the delivery of their event and the services supplied, should write to the Supplier – Stag and Hen World LLP – within 7 days of the end of the event. It should be stated specifically what was not delivered to a satisfactory level, any evidence and what they expect in way of a refund or compensation. Stag and Hen World LLP will respond to all correspondence within 14 days with a specific response.

9.9 Where the customer cannot attend the event due to reasons beyond their control such as Jury Service, they may transfer their individual space within their group booking to a friend. However the person must satisfy the condition of the package and a reasonable period of time is provided to the Supplier, deemed 7 days.



10.1   Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude or limit the liability of the Supplier for death or personal injury, however the Supplier shall not be liable for any direct loss or damage suffered by the Customer howsoever caused, as a result of any negligence, breach of contract or otherwise in excess of the price for the Goods and Services.

10.2   The Supplier shall not be liable under any circumstances to the Customer or any third party for any indirect or consequential loss of profit, consequential or other economic loss suffered by the Customer howsoever caused, as a result of any negligence, breach of contract, misrepresentation or otherwise.

10.3 The Supplier makes every effort to ensure the third-party suppliers that they work with to deliver the services are covered by Public Liability Insurance to cover the Customers in case of anything that arises at the services of these third party suppliers that impacts the customers in a negative way, including injury and death.

10.4 Email, Phone, or any other communication through any employee of Stag and Hen World LLP is that of their own opinion and although we do expect and require set standards of conduct, the opinions and communication expressed may not represent that of the company.

10.5 We do ask that our customers take out appropriate insurance for any service ordered through us in case of customer cancellation prior to departure for reasons beyond their control. We provide an appropriate insurance provider’s name and website on our website for this purpose and we strongly recommend an insurance is taken out with every booking of our services.



11.1 Neither party shall be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lock outs, epidemics, pandemics, accidents, war, fire, breakdown of plant or machinery or shortage or unavailability of raw materials from a natural source of supply, and the party shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of its obligations which we deem 1 year.



12.1 If any term or provision of these Terms and Conditions is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason by any court of competent jurisdiction such provision shall be severed and the remainder of the provisions hereof shall continue in full force and effect as if these Terms and Conditions had been agreed with the invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision eliminated.


13.1 These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Any court cases must be held in London unless at the request or agreed in writing by Stag and Hen World LLP.


14.1   The Supplier makes every effort to receive the latest information on events supplied by third parties and the latest pricing.

14.2   The Supplier once a year requests a copy of third-party supplier’s valid insurance documents and any risk assessments available by the third-party supplier. The Supplier will make a every effort to collect these where available from every supplier to minimise any risk to the customers.

14.3   The third-party supplier must supply or agree to supply by time of any event, public liability insurance equal to or above our own cover, to cover customers on events organised by the Supplier. Where no such cover is in place the third-party supplier must agree to put such cover in place ASAP and before any event is provided to the supplier.

14.4   Where the third party have not supplied the activity to the standard expected, the Customer should write to the us the Supplier, to make an official complaint which will be followed up within 14 days. Refer to 9.7.


15.1   If you feel you have not received the goods or services or you have received a poor level of service you may write a complaints to Stag and Hen World LLP, and it will be addressed seriously within 14 days. You should provide a written complaint either by email to [email protected] or by post to Stag and Hen World, Complaints, 48 East Hill, London, SW18 2HH. Please also refer to terms and condition 9.7 for further guidance.