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Caving in Leeds for your Stag Weekend or Hen Weekend

Caving in Leeds

Caving in Leeds for your Stag Do or Hen Party

An incredible activity of a lifetime…
Undoubtedly one of the most incredible activities you can do with us. However the exhilaration and thrill of caving, equally requires a huge element of bravery and ability to deal with tight and sometimes scary small spaces and tunnels. Certainly not for the faint hearted or those scared of enclosed spaces. Caving is an incredible activity of a lifetime experience which we would highly recommend to do once, much like sky diving or bungee jumping. Your stag weekend in Leeds or hen weekend in Leeds if a brave bunch, will absolutely love the thrill and fear factor of this activity. Surely, it is the ultimate adrenaline rush once completed. Its true you may have your heart in your mouth for some of the activity. However, you do get used to the fear as you go through the course. Ultimately, caving in Leeds is an unforgettable and unmissable daytime activity option!

Emerge from the experience braver and with a real sense of accomplishment...
Depending on your group size the activity will last between 2 1/2 - 3 hours and based in the Yorkshire Dales, so you’re in for a real treat. The highly qualified and experienced instructors go over everything safety wise and also make you feel comfortable. You'll emerge from the experience braver and with a real sense of accomplishment.

A once in a lifetime experience with your best mates…
As you cave you will see stalagmites, stalactites, fossils and hidden waterfalls through the network of famous caves. Water over time has eroded the natural limestone to create a mystical and magical underground world that’s calling out for you to explore. You certainly have to be a little brave to add this into your weekend, but you’ll be thankful that you did. Potentially a once in a life time experience with your best mates. Surely, it will be a memory of a lifetime and when better time to do it than while on your stag do in Leeds or hen party in Leeds.

It’s time to head into the caves where you will experience breath taking sights, climbs, crossings, squeezes and abseils…
Once you’re kitted up in your overalls and have your helmet and headlamp attached. It’s time to head into the caves. You'll experience breath taking sights, climbs, crossings, squeezes and abseils. The caves are like another world and you will feel fear, excitement, thrills and a real adrenaline rush and sense of adventure. The ultimate adrenaline rush and chance of a life-time activity. Surely, you really will be talking about this experience for weeks and years to come. What's more you’ll certainly be pumped up for your stag night in Leeds or Leeds hen night to party into the night.

Using the best caves that the Yorkshire Dales has to offer and all the instructors are highly qualified and experienced in what they do.

Few Things to Notice :

Opening & Closing Time : 9am - 5pm
Estimated Duration : 2-3 hours
Minimum/Maximum Numbers : 6 - 20 ( Lower numbers accepted for a higher price pp )
Recommended Clothing : Swimwear, own wellington boots / climbing shoes - Bring a towel and change of clothes. Also bring suitable base layers and thick socks for your experience
Age Restrictions : 18+
Other Restrictions : No Pregnant women - Higher risk activity
Health & Safety : On Site - Includes your under suit and over suit, wellington boots, helmet, lamp, and your belt/harness
Weight Restrictions : 150 KG if above please check
Estimated Minibus / Taxi Driving from centre : 1 hour
Time to arrive before activity start time : 15 minutes


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