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Cocktail Making in Oxford for your Stag Night or Hen Night

Cocktail Making in Oxford

Best Cocktail Making Masterclass in Oxford for your Stag or Hen Night

You will learn how to pour, mix, shake, serve and garnish your cocktails…
Based in the city centre, this a fantastic way to start your evening with cocktail making in Oxford. It’s just the ticket to a great start to any night out in Oxford. A fun, informative and interactive class you will learn how to make 2 classic cocktails and the best part is you get to drink your creations. What's more you will learn how to pour, mix, shake, serve and garnish your cocktails from an in-house cocktail bartender. The class is delivered in a fun, friendly and relaxed style in a great stylish venue in the heart of town. This Oxford cocktail making activity is one of the best available in terms of quality and delivery. Surely, we’ve found one of the best available to offer you during your weekend in Oxford.

Works perfectly as your first evening activity…
An ideal way to start your hen night in Oxford or Stag night in Oxford, we highly recommend the very late afternoon slots and early evening slots. This activity is a great end to your daytime activities and can be slotted in as a third or fourth daytime activity. It also works perfectly well as your first evening activity. Start as you mean to go on, in a great venue, having great drinks and having a lot of fun and laughter. Overall, a fantastic activity for a stag weekend in Oxford or hen weekend in Oxford. So, get booking!

A brilliant cocktail making experience in Oxford…
The activity is around 1 ½ hours and you will make 2 cocktails and have a shot on arrival. Available to start between 5pm – 7pm in the evening this activity slots in well as a great end to a fantastic afternoon or a great start to an evening. A brilliant cocktail making experience in Oxford which is a great addition to your weekend and ideal for a hen party in Oxford or a stag do in Oxford. We couldn’t recommend this one enough. So, don't miss out and include in your weekend!

Few Things to Notice :

Opening & Closing Time : 12,2,4,6,8pm
Estimated Duration : 2 hours
Minimum/Maximum Numbers : 6 - 20+
Recommended Clothing : Casual until 4pm, Dress to Impress 6pm, 8pm
Age Restrictions : 18+
Other Restrictions : Pregnant women should notify us beforehand
Health & Safety : On Site - Any allergens please notify us before your meal and to staff on the day too. Mocktail alternatives may also be available.
Weight Restrictions : N/A
Estimated Minibus / Taxi Driving from centre : Less than 5 minutes
Time to arrive before activity start time : 15 minutes


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