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Go Karting in Bristol for your Hen Weekend or Stag Weekend

Outdoor Go Karting in Bristol

Outdoor Go Karting in Bristol for your Hen Party or Stag Do

A thrilling, high-octane adrenaline rush… Go Karting in Bristol doesn’t get much better than this…
Just 20 minutes from Bristol city centre this outdoor go karting in Bristol is a fantastic escape from the city centre. Experience a thrilling, high-octane adrenaline rush. A fast paced, fun and competitive activity that will have you competing for 1st place. It’s a brilliant way to spend a morning or afternoon during your hen weekend in Bristol or stag weekend in Bristol. Surely, Go Karting in bristol doesn’t get much better than this. Overall one of the best outdoor go karting centres in Bristol for sure. So, make sure you shortlist this daytime option for your weekend in Bristol. So, make sure to include in your weekend!

200 cc Honda karts where you can reach speeds of 50 mph…
The activity is 1-hour and you’ll be driving 200CC Honda karts where you can reach speeds of 50 mph. What's more the karts have fully adjustable seats and pedals, providing maximum comfort and handling. You will choose between the Grand Prix or the Endurance Race format and race each other to the podium. A fun and thrilling daytime adventure, ideal for your hen party in Bristol or stag do in Bristol to let loose and burn off some steam. overall, Go karting in Bristol at its best, a sure favourite. So, get booking!

Endurance Race or Grand Prix… Bubbly and Trophy for the winner…
The endurance race will see you race in teams to clock in the fastest lap and most number of laps. The first team to reach the lap limit set, will be crowned the winners. The spectator area allows you to monitor your teams progress with the race screens and you will each complete 2 x 8-10 lap stints, as you compete for the victory. What's more the winning team will receive a bottle of bubbly and trophies. So, be sure to shortlist this fantastic and thrilling daytime adventure.

The Grand Prix event for 12 people, sees you race each other in a grand prix style event, practice laps, heats and a final. There will only be 1 winner. What's more there's bubbly and a trophy for the winner and pride is at stake for 2nd and 3rd place too. Whether on a Bristol hen weekend or Stag party in Bristol you will have such a great time. You will enjoy the thrill, fun and excitement of this adrenaline pumping activity and be pumped up for your hen night in Bristol in the evening or stag night in Bristol. Overall a thrilling, fun and adrenaline rush of an activity. So, make sure to add into your weekend agenda whether on a stag do in Bristol or hen do in Bristol.

Endurance race:

  • 8 or more competitors racing in teams against the clock for the fastest and highest number of laps completed
  • The first team to complete 120-180 laps wins! (laps depend on the final number of drivers)
  • Driver changes will be approximately every 8-10 laps
  • All drivers are involved from start to finish

  • While you're not racing you can monitor your teams progress on the computer screens in the spectator area, very popular with stag and hen parties! Trophy for the winning team is included.

    Few Things to Notice :

    Opening & Closing Time : 10am - 6pm
    Estimated Duration : 1 1/2 hours
    Minimum/Maximum Numbers : 6 - 20
    Recommended Clothing : Full Length trousers and top, sensible driving shoes and a balaclava
    Age Restrictions : 18+
    Other Restrictions : No Pregnant women (Considered very high risk)
    Health & Safety : On Site
    Weight Restrictions : 150 KG if above please check
    Estimated Minibus / Taxi Driving from centre : 15-20 minutes
    Time to arrive before activity start time : 15 minutes


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