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Pole Dancing in Nottingham for your Hen Party in Nottingham

Pole Dancing in Nottingham

Pole Dancing in Nottingham for your Hen Do in Nottingham

A fun, fantastic and near flawless Pole Dancing Experience in Nottingham…
With a supplier that’s got over 6 years experience behind them. We're sure you'll have a fun, fantastic and near flawless Pole Dancing experience in Nottingham with us. With 3 to 4 poles in each venue in Nottingham. This activity is provided in a fun laid-back manner with background music and a fantastic experienced instructor. They will make sure no one in the group misses out and you learn and takeaway as much new skills as possible. A Nottingham pole dancing class that is perfect for your hen weekend in Nottingham and the perfect addition to your weekend. So, make sure you include pole dancing in Nottingham for a great daytime dance activity.

Pole dancing in Nottingham is great for beginners…
You've probably heard from a friend that Pole Dancing is actually a very technical discipline and it can be quite a challenging activity. However the instructors will gauge the activity class on the groups fitness levels and abilities and if you can’t or don’t want to attempt one of the moves, don’t worry you don’t have to. This activity is great for beginners and those more experienced too. So, whatever your experience and skill levels you will certainly learn something new and enjoy the fun experience. Probably the best Nottingham pole dancing lessons you will find out there. So, don’t worry we’ve done the leg work and provided one of the best Nottingham has to offer.

A hen weekend in Nottingham should certainly include Nottingham pole dancing into their itinerary…
Have fun, celebrate the weekend, and have a good laugh with friends as you take on the pole and learn some sexy moves. You will learn some spins, holds, transitional moves and tricks on the pole. What's more you will find this a good laugh as you try the ever-compromising positions demonstrated by the talented pole dancing instructor. Also, the skill level increases as you go through the activity which makes for a challenge but good fun. The laid-back, informal and fun atmosphere will give ample opportunities to take lots of photos and videos of the activity and have a good laugh. A hen weekend in Nottingham should certainly include Nottingham pole dancing into their itinerary. Overall, it's a fantastic activity that has so many great features, a definite winner.

Pole is a great opportunity to come in fancy dress…
We recommend wearing some shorts and a t-shirt / vest top, as they will assist you with skin on pole contact. Try some high heels too if you like, just so you feel sexy and confident as you pull off some basic and later some advanced pole dancing moves with your friends. Pole is a great opportunity to come in fancy dress too. So, think 80’s which is very popular with lots of fluorescent wrist, ankle and head bands, just too much fun. So, don’t miss out and make sure you include this activity into your weekend.

Few Things to Notice :

Opening & Closing Time : 9am - 6pm
Estimated Duration : 1 1/2
Minimum/Maximum Numbers : 8 - 21
Recommended Clothing : Exercise wear ideally shorts and top
Age Restrictions : 18+
Other Restrictions : No Pregnant women - Higher risk activity
Health & Safety : On Site
Weight Restrictions : 150 KG if above please check
Estimated Minibus / Taxi Driving from centre : 5 minutes
Time to arrive before activity start time : 15 minutes


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