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Surfing in Newquay for your Stag Do or Hen Party

Surfing in Newquay for your Stag Weekend or Hen Weekend

There’s something heroic about going into the sea in the UK… Surfboard hire in Newquay…
No road trip to Newquay is complete without at least trying a bit of surfing, even if that just means lying on the board and paddling through the waves back to shore. There’s something heroic about going into the sea in the UK, let’s face it, it’s beyond cold, okay freezing and this isn’t helped by the temperature in the UK either, hardly ever making the mercury hit 20 degrees. Then there’s the wind, don’t get us started on the wind chill.

Newquay is one of the best places to surf in the UK…
All jokes aside Newquay is one of the best places to surf in the UK and is also most probably the best place to learn, with its amazing laid-back instructors and sea coves which just work so well for beginners. So, don your wet suit, grab your board, and give it a go, even if you just lie flat and let the waves ride you back into shore, it’s brilliant. A stag weekend in Newquay and a hen weekend in Newquay absolutely need to add this surfing in Newquay package to their weekend itinerary, we couldn’t recommend this idea enough, don’t miss out, you will regret going to Newquay and not at least giving it a try.

You absolutely cannot go home… having not even attempted a bit of surfing…
Whether on a Newquay stag weekend or a Newquay hen weekend you’ve probably travelled some distance to come to this picturesque coastal party town, the home of surf and the best seaside nights out. You absolutely cannot go home at the end of the weekend, having not even attempted a bit of surfing. Once you arrive you will be greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable surf instructor who will guide you through all the basics as well as safety. You will then pick out your wet suits, grab a board and it’s your chance to put the knowledge into action. As you and your group run to the shoreline, the whole shoreline is your playground, paddle out and have a go surfing/ paddling into shore. Surfing in Newquay under the watchful eye of this surf school create a stag do in Newquay or Newquay hen weekend to remember.

Surfing in Newquay is not to be missed an incredible experience…
A Newquay stag do and Newquay hen do will really have a blast trying out surfing here. It’s a great group activity in the open waters protected by the cove as you ride the waves into shore. It’s really great fun with your best mates, watching each other have a go, fall, succeed, and ride the waves. There is something exhilarating about being in the English sea and feeling the freezing waters hit your hands and face. Surfboard hire in Newquay really does make your weekend something special. So, take on the thrill, enjoy the adrenline and challenge yourself to learn something new during your time in Newquay. Every stag party in Newquay and Newquay hen weekend needs a bit of this in their life, get it added into your weekend itinerary. Surfing in Newquay is not to be missed an incredible experience.

Few Things to Notice :

Opening & Closing Time : 10 - 5pm
Estimated Duration : 1 1/2 - 2 hours
Minimum/Maximum Numbers : 6 - 20+
Recommended Clothing : Swim Wear
Age Restrictions : 18+
Other Restrictions : No Pregnant women. Participants must be able to swim 50 meters confidently in open water
Health & Safety : On Site
Weight Restrictions : N/A
Estimated Minibus / Taxi Driving from centre : 5 - 10 minutes
Time to arrive before activity start time : 15 minutes


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