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Stag Do Package in Cardiff 6 ID:1326 – 1N, Gorge, Clays, Strip & Club

Stag Do Package in Cardiff 6 ID: 1326

Cardiff Stag Do Package - 1N Hotel, Gorge, Clays, Strip & Club

A fun, thrilling and exciting daytime activity...
If package 5 wasn't enough for your group, the one we called the perfect stag do, then perhaps this is. This stag do package in Cardiff 6 is a 2 daytime, 2 evening stag package in Cardiff. Start your day with clay shooting where you will learn how to hold, load, aim and fire a shotgun at moving clay targets. A fun, thrilling and exciting daytime activity that certainly will bring out your competitive side. What's more the activity ends with a mini competition where you can compete to hit the most clays. A fantastic choice for competitive and adventurous groups. So, for a thrill and adrenaline rush make sure to try clay shooting in Cardiff while on your stag do in Cardiff.

A mix of cliff jumping, river paddling and mountain climbing...
Gorge walking is on the agenda for the afternoon where you will take on a 3-4 hour adventure. A thrilling, fun and exciting activity that will certainly bring out your adventurous side. A mix of cliff jumping, river paddling and mountain climbing. A thrilling adventure for your stag weekend in Cardiff. Your evening starts at a top stip club in Cardiff where you'll have entry, a reserved table and drinks for your group. What's more it's a great opportunity to stitch up the stag on stage for a fee. End the night in a top night club in Cardifff with queue jump and entry and party the night away. Overall a fantastic stag do package that really does have it all. So if your group are adventurous and have some thrill-seekers this one should be for you.

What's included in the package;
  • 1 night 4* Hotel - Based on Double / Twin Rooms
  • Continental breakfast included
  • 3-4 Gorge Walking Experience
  • 1 1/2 hours Clays - 25 shots
  • Stripclub Package
  • Queue Jump and Entry to a top Nightclub
  • Return transport to all daytime activities (Stripclub - 1 way transport )

  • Stag package based on a group of 12. Variation of group size will alter package price

    Go to our build your own package or contact us for variations to package quoting package reference number


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    £276 /person