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Stag Do Package in Dublin 5 ID:625 – 1N, 2 Combo Activity, Strip & Club

Stag Do Package in Dublin 5 ID: 625

Dublin Stag Do Package - 1N Hotel, 2 Combo Activity, Strip & Club

Overall a winning combination for your daytime activities...
Similar to Stag package 4 but with a strip club instead of a comedy club. This stag do package 5 is a fantastic well rounded and balanced stag do in Dublin. You'll be picked up from your 4* Hotel in Dublin city centre and whisked over to take part if 2 fantastic activities. You'll be bale to pick 2 activities from 5 choices for your stag do in Dublin. A fun, exciting and challenging day of activities lay ahead for you to compete in and have a lot of fun. We highly recommend combining either paintball or the assault course with one of the other 3 options however these two combined is also an excellent choice. All in all, you will have a fantastic afternoon of shooting or having fun and you're in for an adrenaline rush whichever route you go down. Overall a winning combination for your daytime activities.

Start your evening at a top strip club in Dublin...
Come the evening you have a top strip club in Dublin lined up and then a top nightclub to end the night. Start your evening at a top strip club in Dublin where entry, a table and drinks are laid on. So, sit back and relax and enjoy your drinks as the beautiful girls entertain your group. A fun, exciting and thrilling start to your night out in Dublin will surely be had. You'll end your night a top night club in Dublin where you can party on the dance floor into the early hours. What's more queue jump is provided too. Overall a fantastic combination of daytime and evening activities to ensure you have a fantastic stag weekend in Dublin. We're sure your adrneline rush from the daytime activities will set you up nicely for your evening ahead. So, get booking!

What's included in the package;
  • 1 night 4* Hotel - Based on Triple rooms (Double & Single)
  • Full Irish breakfast included
  • 2 hour Activity Combo
  • Strip Club package
  • Queue Jump and Entry to a top Nightclub
  • Return transport to all daytime activities (Strip club - 1 way transport )

  • Stag package based on a group of 12. Variation of group size will alter package price

    Go to our build your own package or contact us for variations to package quoting package reference number


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