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Stag Do Package in Edinburgh 6 ID:125 – 4 Combo, AYCE & Nightclub

Stag Do Package in Edinburgh 6 ID: 125

Edinburgh Stag Package - 1N Hotel, 4 Combo, AYCE & Club

Overall great fun, thrilling and a full stag package...
A Stag do package in Edinburgh 6 that has all the daytime activities and a great dinner option. Then it the town and end the night in one of the best nightclubs in town. A fantastic stag package for those where fun is more important than cost. One of our more costly packages that has all the bells and whistles. You'll enjoy a choice of 4 daytime activities which can be chosen from a list of activities butinclude quad biking, clays, archery & highland games to name a few. Whatever the combination you will get some highly fun activities which are thrilling or a great adrenaline rush. Overall great fun, thrilling and a full stag package. So, if this sounds like your group then we highly recommend this fantastic all emcompasing package. So get booking!

Take part in 4 amazing 1 hour activities...
One of our higher priced packages this package is for those who want the ultimate stag weekend package at any cost. A fantastic and highly fun package full of amazing daytime activities, a great all you can eat buffet and a top club to finish the night. What's more you will take part in 4 amazing 1 hour activities in the day before tucking into an all you can eat world buffet. After a day of fantastic activities and a great meal hit the town and end your night on the dance floor of one of the best clubs in Edinburgh. Overall fun, thrilling and adventurous. So, if this is your group, highly highly recommended a fantastic choice! So get booking!

What's included in the package;
  • 1 night 3* Hotel - Based on Quad rooms (Double & Bunk)
  • Continental breakfast included
  • 4 Combo Activity
  • AYCE Restaurant
  • Queue Jump and Entry to a top Nightclub
  • Return transport to all daytime activities (Nightclub - 1 way transport )

  • Stag package based on a group of 12. Variation of group size will alter package price


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    £254 /person