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Stag Do Package in Leeds 5 ID:525 – 1N Hotel,Caving,Comedy&Stripclub

Stag Do Package in Leeds 5 ID: 525

Leeds Stag Package - 1N Hotel, Caving, Comedy & Stripclub

Includes the incredible caving experience...
One of the most amazing packages you can take part in during your time in Leeds. This stag do package in Leeds 5, includes the incredible caving experience which is one of our top 10 unique activities. Overall, a thrilling, exciting and adrenaline rush of an experience. Not for the feint-hearted and ideal for those bold enough to take on the challenge. It's certainly not for everyone, but those that are brave enough to take it on really do come out with the most amazing adrenaline rush and high afterwards. Quite possibly a once in a life time experience and an experience that will live with you forever. A fantastic daytime activity that will give you such a buzz for your night out. Overall a brilliant activity for the thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies. So, if that sounds like your group book it up.

Overall its perhaps the perfect stag do package in Leeds...
After a daytime activity that puts your heart in your mouth, you deserve a few beers and to sit down and sit back and watch some hilarious comedians do their thing. A hilarious night of comedy with some of the best comedians around. What's more after the comedy show head over to one of the best strip clubs in Leeds to enjoy the strip clubpackage which includes entry and a few drinks too. This stag do package in Leeds 5 is a fantastic combination of exhilarating daytime activity and a funny and fun evening experience. Overall its perhaps the perfect stag do package in Leeds. Surely, a great option for your stag do in Leeds. So if this sounds like your group then get booking, certainly highly recommended.

What's included in the package;
  • 1 night 4* Hotel - Based on triple rooms ( Double & Single )
  • Full English breakfast included
  • 3-4 hours Caving
  • Comedy Club
  • Stripclub package
  • Return transport to all daytime activities (Stripclub - 1 way transport )

  • Stag package based on a group of 12. Variation of group size will alter package price

    Go to our build your own package or contact us for variations to package quoting package reference number


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