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Stag Do Package in Oxford 3 ID:1223–1N, Quad, Clays, Cocktail & Club

Stag Do Package in Oxford 3 ID: 1223

Oxford Stag Do Package - 1N Hotel, Quad, Clays, Cocktail & Club

A fun, exciting and thrilling driving activity ...
Another well balanced stag do in Oxford that's exciting and great fun. This stag do package in Oxford 3, combines 2 exciting daytime activities with 2 fun evening activities. You'll be picked up from your 3* Hotel in Oxford and whisked over to quad biking in Oxford. A fun, exciting and thrilling driving activity that's perfect for a stag weekend in Oxford. You'll start with practice laps before taking part in a trail. You will be taking on tight turns, dips, mounts and long straights as well as different terrains. These quad bikes are powerful and fast and you'll learn how to handle and drive these vehicles during your experience. What's more if it has been raining expect addition challenges making it even more fun. Overall a fun experience for adventurous groups. So, get booking!

You each get 25 shots each with a competition at the end...
Later inthe day you'll enjoy clay shooting in Oxford. A fun, exciting and thrilling shooting activity where you'll hit clays from the sky. You'll learn how to load, hold, aim and fire shotguns at moving clay targets. What's more you each get 25 shots each with a competition at the end if there's time. Overall, an exciting activity for adventurous and thrill seeking group who like to try something different. In the evening you'll be taking part in cocktail making in Oxford a fun and creative activity where you'll make 2 classic cocktails from scratch. What's more you get to drink what you make plus get a drink on arrival too. So, follow the bartenders instructions and make some tasty cocktails to kick start your night out. Your stag do in Oxford will end the night at a top night club in Oxford.

What's included in the package;
  • 1 night 2-3* Hotel - Based on Triple rooms (Double & Single)
  • Continental breakfast included
  • Quad Biking
  • 1 1/2 hours Clays - 25 shots
  • 1 1/2 hours Cocktail Making Masterclass
  • Queue Jump and Entry to a top Nightclub
  • Return transport to all daytime activities (Cocktail Making - 1 way transport )

  • Stag package based on a group of 12. Variation of group size will alter package price

    Go to our build your own package or contact us for variations to package quoting package reference number


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    £250 /person